The story of Ai Palazzi goes hand in hand with the story of the Dal Bianco family.

It all began in 1946, when Epifanio Dal Bianco, a pioneer of viticulture in the Conegliano of the time, purchased 5 hectares at Gorgo al Monticano in the province of Treviso. The maps identifying the estate show the toponym ‘Ai Palazzi’, and the facade of an ancient farmhouse within that area displays the words ‘Casa Masottina’.

This led Epifanio to establish the Masottina winery, which aspired to producing the best wine the territory could offer.

Nowadays this area is known mainly for its famous Prosecco; not many people are aware that other varieties are cultivated here. These are both international and indigenous varieties the Dal Bianco family has always grown and made into authentic wines, and that have been surpassed by the predominance of Glera grapes.

Epifanio’s sons, particularly Adriano, an oenologist from the prestigious Conegliano Wine School, are continuing the story of still wines in this area, adding their knowledge to their father’s intuition. In a territory where Glera is densely cultivated, Adriano placed his bets on the varieties traditionally grown here, where the soil is ideal for their full expression. Through passion, tenacity and oenological knowledge, he made a significant contribution to creating an important denomination: I COLLI DI CONEGLIANO DOCG.

In the 1990s this led to the production of the wines closest to the Dal Bianco family’s heart: Montesco and Rizzardo.

The story of this territory is encapsulated in these two wines, the result of studies and experiments carried out by Adriano in the Ogliano hills, where he and his brothers established the headquarters of the agricultural estate that runs the vineyards and where, in the 2000s, his dream winery became a reality.

In 2018, there arose a need to elevate quality and concentrate more on the production of still wine. The huge success of Prosecco wine meant that Masottina became synonymous with excellent Prosecco, overshadowing the valuable heritage of the family’s still wines.

This led to the idea of creating a brand under which to gather this excellence; once again the winery’s story provided inspiration for the name AI PALAZZI, the toponym on the original map of the historic family estate, where the name Masottina originated.

Now the third generation of the Dal Bianco family farms a total of 280 hectares, 80 of which dedicated to the production of Ai Palazzi wines.

Epifanio Dal Bianco’s legacy has been taken up by grandsons Filippo and Federico, who are devoted to continuing their father’s gamble, following the path trodden 75 years ago by their grandfather.

Filippo is in charge of sales for the family’s brands. The creation of the Ai Palazzi brand was his idea, in a bid to enhance and promote the family’s historic production.

Federico, now Vice President of the family business, from an early age did not hide his greatest desire: to follow in his father’s footsteps in the production of wine.
His passion was born in the vineyard and in the cellar, today he collaborates with his father in the development and management of the company.

Today Ai Palazzi embraces the past, present and future of a family dedicated to winemaking. From the vine to the glass, care and attention are devoted to every single step. The Ai Palazzi brand shares the values the Dal Bianco family applies to all its wines:

– the family as a guarantee of the estate’s style and evolution

– valorisation of the territory by studying and promoting its oenological tradition

– constant quality, making every effort to produce the very best and reassure the consumer by seeking quality that repeats itself every year

– sustainable management, through commitment to protecting the environment, not forgetting the ethical, social and economic aspects a business should pursue