Montesco and Rizzardo are the wines closest to the heart of Adriano Dal Bianco. They are the result of one man’s passion for wine and constant research and experimentation. Oenologists must constantly challenge themselves and above all define the character of a wine. If Montesco and Rizzardo were an image, it would be of Adriano’s heart and hand.


The character and identity of a variety is determined not only by oenological style, but above all by its zone of origin. With his monovarietals, Adriano gives consumers three varieties that, although they are international, reveal their origins in the glass.


An oenologist is put to the test when blending selected raw materials from different varieties. With Montesco and Rizzardo, Adriano Dal Bianco creates wine from single vineyards that express the soil and vintage, but with this collection he wishes to intercept the demands of a well-informed consumer who wants to be surprised by the pleasantness of a very drinkable wine.